Holography - Magic Colorful - Laser Engraving Machine
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产品型号: HY-DKL

introduction: The main function of this equipment is laser color carving technology,"laser color"technology also known as"laser color",it is the use of high-energy laser beams, etched on the surface of the mold high-precision lines, so that the commemorative coin surface presents a multi-level light, vivid image, three-dimensional sense.
* it can be tested through salt spray.
*color and directional laser engraving can be realized.
*Enhance the color of the pattern to make the rainbow appear and reduce the probability of personality.
*laser engraving holographic refration technology production,distinctive,showingthe beauty of personality.
*Holographie magic laser can be engraved on the mold and transferred to the surface of the product, forming a magic effect.
*lndependent research and development of design of design structure and motion platform plan,with high repeatability and stability.
*independent intellectual property rights software control system, humaniziing operation interface.
it is suitable for mirror stainless steel, gold,silver and other,precious metal materials.
this equipment is widely used in holographic(magic color)gold and silver coins,laser embossed holographic printing,precious metal gold and silver banknotes /cards,gold stamps,gold bars,silver stamps,silver bars ,molds,Stamps, such as precious metals or jewelry industry,are also applied in the following industries:
*Holographic anti-counterfeiting label
*High grade auto parts LOGO
*High grade 3C communication products
*High-end gift customization
*High grade hardware bathroom
*Elevator industry
Wavelength :1030-1080nm . Beam quality: M2≤1.2 . Power consumperature: 20-28℃   . Storage temperature: 0-50℃   .Power supply voltage: 220V .   Cooling   :fan.

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